Application Architecture

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Typeof Architecture Used

Oneof the integral issues when choosing the type of architecture used isthe fact that it will need to cover the expansive geographical areaof the United States. Ideally, this Payroll System will be coveringseveral distances across different Wide Area Network. The PayrollSystem will connect many small networks within the distance that iscovered. The System will also connect metro area networks.

Thisimplies that the network system or architecture used has to be Hybridin nature as it will be made up of Wide Area Network (WAN) and othernetworks and requirements. The WAN is to be built for a largeorganization such as the case of this firm that has several branchesacross the United States. This type of architecture is preferred asit covers a large physical area. The organization will have many WANsthat will cover different buildings, cities, and states.

Usually,designing a payroll program for a large organization that covers theUnited States is often challenging and complex. Additionally, it isnoted from the case that the company has one large data center whereeach office connects to the wide area network. This then means thatthe right architecture for the company is hybrid. The hybridarchitecture will have the WAN diagram, different systemdocumentation, and information technology documents. The connectionof WAN with other smaller networks like MAN and LAN will yield thehybrid architecture. Nonetheless, each of the individual networkswill retain their characters. The Payroll System while connected tothese networks will include hardware, software, network and othersupport documents.

Severalreasons exist for the adoption of the network in the Payroll Program.First, having this network will help in meeting all the requirementsthat have been captured in the case study.

Apartfrom the meeting, it ensures that there is proficiency in theoperations of the organization. It is efficient given the combinationof the different networks. The adeptness is backed by the flexibilityof the design, cost-effective nature and ability to support theinformation needs of the organization. Any hybrid system adopted inan organization ensures that the productivity increases.First, there is increased speed and accuracy in the system. Havingthe system automated help in reduction of errors that might arise inthe employee salaries. Additionally, the linking of different areaswithin the United States through a single system helps in reducingthe stress that would essentially come with accounting, compilationof information and preparation of sheets.

ThePayroll Program adopted is the best and highly required for the largeorganization. Through the system, a lot of time is saved in thecalculation of the salaries. Additionally by the company, having thepayroll system of their own instead of outsourcing is the best thing.Through outsourcing, the company reduces the rate of security issuesand cut on costs. Further, the large nature of the company only meansthat the individuals operating the Payroll Program have to be awareof the policies and methods of pay. The flexibility of the system isjust immense as adjustments can be made nearly any time to thesystem. Compensation can easily be adjusted to have the workers getadvance salaries or adjust payments to hourly.

Technologyto be Used

Inthe payroll program, the technology used will be hybrid in nature.The program is hybrid as the payroll will not only use one softwareapplication. The system used will integrate human resourcesmanagement systems (HRMS) and financial information systems. ThePayroll Program will also rely on ERP system to ensure that all thefunctions run. By having ERP systems, all the integratedapplications, as well as the businesses, will have automatedprocesses to run all the errands of the office.

Thisorganization will undoubtedly use high-end payroll software that willbe integrated into the larger ERP software. Nonetheless, the softwareis to be made to meet the specific needs of the company. The systemis to integrate both the human resources needs and the financialneeds.


TheInner Bus represents the data center and the outer computersrepresent the offices.


Eventhough the new architecture comes with several other benefits, thereare also downfalls. Some of the limitations of the system areinclined to the limitation of the system while some are linked to theethical issues. Having the new Payroll System will give variousindividual access to information from the different regions orstates. This undoubtedly will raise issues of privacy in regards topersonal and financial information of individuals. There are highchances that at one point in the system, there will be a violation byemployees. The other ethical issue is fraud. With the payroll systemcovering the expansive geographic of US, there is a need to have aproper security system. By having a weak security, apparatusincreases the chances that exaggeration of work hours andfalsification of payouts will arise.

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