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Answertwo questions

Neo-conservatismis a variant of the conservatism political ideology combining thefeatures of political individualism with traditional conservatism andendorsements of free markets. With regards to established practicesand institutions, neo-conservatism is similar to the 18th-centurytraditional conservatism. Neoconservatives tend to pay more attentionto cultural matters and mass media, art music, literature, film,theater and recently the television and the internet than traditionalconservatives (Dagger, 2016, 1). The western society especially theAmerican society is becoming amoral, degenerate and adrift. Thewestern culture portrays moral corruption such as citing violence,sexually explicit films, video games, television programs and popularmusic filled with obscenities that are extremely immoral. Actionsthat were once considered as shameful ion the past are now consideredas normal. Some of the actions are gay marriages that are nowconsidered as normal but were unacceptable in the past.

Theaffirmative action laws have led to solving major problems in Americasuch as employment of minority. The laws prevent discrimination ofindividuals based on their origin or gender in employment. The lawshave led increased opportunities to American citizens. It aims atreducing poverty, violence and impacting education in Americansociety (Cosson, 2008, 10). The law ensures that the less privilegedreceive equal education opportunities. The looming problem that stillexists in American history is the economic crisis. Since the greatdepression, there has been a series of economic crises in the country(Suter, et al., 2012, 21). The declined profit rates from 1950-1970sresulted to almost 50% percent decline in the U.S. economy. Thisdecline is believed to be the cause of the financial crisis thatstill exists until today. Four states in the U.S. recently sufferedfrom an economic crisis in 2015.


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