Anatomy of the Spleen

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Anatomyof the Spleen

Anatomyof the Spleen

Spleensonography is a widely used technique in the examination anddiagnosis of splenic disorders due to its affordability as well asabsence of ionizing radiation. Further, it is modified to enhancecontrast in sonography hence, it increases and improves thediagnosis ability and validity of the disease(Benter, Klühs, &amp Teichgräber, 2011).

Thespleen is located on the left hypochondriac region of the body. Itlies superior, anterior, and lateral to the left kidney. Asonographic image displays detailed information about its anatomy. Onthe image, the spleen appears to be crescent shaped. The outer convexcapsular appears to be smooth and soft while the inner liningdisplays an indented structure. Its echo structure is characterizedby a homogenous appearance.

Shape/size/ echogenicity

Spleen’sshape is described as a crescent half moon or coffee-bean like. Theweight and the volume are not constant since they depend on thecapacity of blood in circulation. In most instances, the spleenappears slightly larger than the left kidney. Most anatomyliterature estimates its size to be 10.9cm long, 4.0cm wide with adiameter of approximately 6.8cm. Its outer capsula layout as well asthe thin parenchyma influences its external appearance.

Accordingto Benteret al.(2011),the spleen may suffer from a wide range of defects hence, thenecessity of using sonographic imaging technique for diagnosis.Disorders and anomalies associated with the spleen include:

  1. Splenomegaly

Thisis a condition of abnormal enlargement of the spleen. It ischaracterized by increased weight, size, and change in its shape asviewed in a sonograph.

  1. Hyposplenism

Thiscondition is characterized by abnormally reduced size, volume, andshape disruption of the spleen. It is caused by autoimmune defectsit occurs as a secondary impact of sickle cell anemia condition.


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