Analyzing an Advertisement

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Analyzingan Advertisement


Broughttears to my eyes advertisements reflect on the day to day challengesof life. There are times you have it all while other occasions youare reduced to a beggar. The advert targets both children and adults.It depicts life as a merry-go-round. Humans go through all the phasesof life from birth to aging this means that one must be careful whenrelating to others well. The girl wants a cake for his grandfather’sbirthday, but they cannot afford it. However, there is an applicationof logos in that the grandmother is persuaded to believe that shecould provide the cake. Pathos elicits outrage and sadness upon theboy and girl when they could not afford the cake (Youtube, 2014).There is a moral philosophy when the man helps the girl with thepurchase of the cake having returned the favor from past experiences.Ethos challenges the man to return the favor. Archetypes used in theadvertisement include the caregiver and jester.

Nikefootball commercial entails the promotion of the Nike brand. Thecommercial targets football fans and those people who do not believein themselves. The players are motivated by the need to keep playingbecause they game based on winner stay. People are united by sports,particularly football. From a personal point of view, the commercialis appealing to pathos. Several people would like to be associatedwith famous sporting personalities. The appeals to pathos made theplayers think of the famous players like Ronaldo, Iniesta, Rooney,and Ibrahimovic (Youtube, 2014). They even took the next step toemulate them in real life situation. The archetypes in the commercialinclude the ruler and jester.


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