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Academic research is based on information derived from the work ofexperts in particular fields. Notably, different publications arecreated with a clear agenda or bias. Therefore, critical analysis ofsources is important since it reveals the significance of usingcertain materials in the study. The broad availability of theInternet has enabled people to publish and distribute plenty ofinformation. In many instances, unproven or fabricated research ispassed off as authentic. In this regard, various questions can beused to determine the relevance and professionalism of onlinesources. For example, the author’s credentials need to be examinedto reveal their expertise. The facts presented in the material alsohave to be verified depending on the credibility of cited sources.Furthermore, critical analysis of sources helps to pinpoint thecurrency of published content. Hence, it is possible to determinewhether the material is updated consistently or frequently in harmonywith emerging details. Additionally, critical analysis highlights theobjectivity of potential sources since some information could becomeintertwined with biased or misleading opinions.

Scholarly sources are better suited for academic research incomparison to popular material. Firstly, such information is usuallywritten by distinguished professors and other experts. Moreover, theauthors have studied the particular theme for several years to gainan unprecedented level of experience. Besides, scholarly sources arecustomarily subjected to rigorous peer review. Hence, thoroughresearch and logical argumentation are reinforced with extensiverevisions. Multiple experts are required to read and critique anarticle before it is approved for publication. Although citations areused, original information must be provided to avoid duplication ofideas. Consequently, scholarly sources are more credible than popularmaterial with regards to academic research.

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