Aligning the Church with culture and society is a difficult matter. The

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Aligningthe Church with culture and society is a difficult matter. TheChristendom of the MiddleAges reflects the difficulties encountered by the society inintegrating the Church functions and cultural values. Some of thecommunity practices were against the religious practices. During theMiddleAges, the society used to discipline people through capitalpunishment, an ideology that was against religious values.Communities cordoned conflicts and war as means to achieve power.Christian America also portrays how the society has allowed secularvalues to entrench roots in societal affairs. For a long time, theAmerican fraternity has beenassociatedwith Christianity, with the citizens using religious principles forguidance in life. A famous theologian from the Byzantine Empire,Gregory Palamas, demonstrated the difficulties inman’s understanding ofGod1.He argued that it was hard to know where to place Holy Spirit and theSon, although it was agreeable that God should come first.2As Noll outlines, “ If the father begot the son, he that wasbegotten had a beginning of existence.”3

TheChristian life is full of temptations and choices. This is depictedin the Bible in the Lord’s Prayer, “And lead us not intotemptation, but deliver us from evil” (Matthew6:13). It is made tougher by the sinful nature of human beings.Christian faithful need to seek forgiveness from God throughmeditationandpraying.4The interests on the teachings and principles of the Church havegrown in the modern society. As Lane puts it, “Many of the currentbeliefs in our society are properly grasped only when we see how theyhave emerged.”5Indigenous religions had a different perspective as theywere largely swayed by societal advancement and modernity.Reformers advocate for tolerance by accommodating and supportingother forms of values. The idea of understanding and tolerance hasbeen one of the insightful culture and practice among the adherents.Reformers are known to embrace modernity and divergent policies fromthe conservative individuals.


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