Advertisements on Children Channels

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Advertisementson Children Channels

Advertisementson Children Channels

Advertisementson children channels affect them in various ways. Young people mayget excited with the products being advertised and demand the samefrom their parents while being oblivious to their healthimplications. Television channels like Nickelodeon, Jim Jam andDisney Junior target the kids and present them with nice-looking foodadverts. These promotions do not provide the kids with the negativeeffects associated with such products. In my opinion theseadvertisements should be done on adult television channels where theparents make a decision on what is good for their families. Thegovernment should control such advertisements and channel themthrough other stations.

Anotherimplication is the cost, whereby the children demand these foods notknowing the financial strain they are putting their parents through.Some of the products might be expensive, and kids do not care whethertheir parents can afford or not. In addition, some of the promotionalmessages may encourage violence among the juveniles. There are someprograms on various kid channels that involve fighting and usingdangerous weapons like guns. They may tend to copy such habits andbecome antisocial. Children may employ some of the fighting tacticsfrom these programs and use them against their fellow playmates.

Inconclusion, the content of kids’ channels should be regulated sincethey put the young ones at risk of obsession with television watchingthat can affect their social development. They ignorance on what isbeneficial for them demands that the content be modified to suittheir weak autonomy and decision making

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