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AdvancedPractice Nurse

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AdvancedPractice Nurse


KhloeMadison is a resident in Dallas, Texas and her contact number is+14692055678.


Duringmy interview with Khloe Madison, she revealed crucial detailsconcerning her education and work experience, which can be aninspiration to many nurse practitioners. Khloe advanced hereducation, and she graduated with a master’s of science in nursing(MSN). Khloesaid that after high school, she enrolled for a diploma in School ofNursing. Khloe was not certain why she joined the nursing field.Khloe’spassion for helping high school friends when in need and thecommunity service events she attended drove her to accede to thenursing profession. Khloe’scareer began as a pediatric nurse, the children’s unit of theinstitution she was aspiring to work for had launched a new pediatricward hence they needed more nurses which caught her interest. Thus,she majored in pediatrics. The nurse described her first job aftergraduation from the nursing school as a tough transition.She had towork for nine hours mainly in the evening and at night.


KhloeMadisonbecame an when most of the nursing programsin the schools of nursing were at a certificate level. After KhloeMadison had workedfor six years as a bedside nurse, she decided to pursue a Master’sof Science in Nursing aimed at broadening her nursing practice.Currently, Khloeis the nursing practitioner for a junior cancer patients’ supportprogram. The program aims at assisting all the cancer patients whocontracted the illness when they were below twenty years. The programinvolves screening, educating and counseling patients about healthylifestyle practices. The program`s major roles are not treating thepatients but referring them to professionals for treatment of anyidentified problems.

KhloeMadison’sroles include coordination of the patients’ care within the programirrespective of who the actual care provider in the department is.Thenurse is responsible for making integrated summaries on the clinic`spatients education. The `s majorresponsibilities include recruiting patients, seeking researchapproval for the patients, conducting physical tests and healtheducation. The nurse feeds information into research databases andsupervises the clinical research assistants. Khloe’sotherresponsibilities are analyzing all the diagnostic test outcomes andkeeping the patients informed about their health status.Khloe Madisonsummons the patients whenever she notices any abnormalities in thepatient`s medical records and informs the patients’ personal clinicphysicians about any intended visits.

APNrole competencies

Fromthe interview, I realized that the field of requires the cognitive, technical and integrative competencies ofcertified nurses. With these abilities, nurses can propagate theethical and safety practices, procedure, protocols, and work menu.The clinical procedures of the advanced practice nurses arescientifically compatible with health care methods in all settings.The primary clinical competencies of an advanced clinical nurseinclude conducting an integrated health analysis and physical testson persons, families, and communities (Kazer&amp Neal-Boylan, 2012).These tests and analysis are crucial while analyzing the possiblepresence of a problem and it helps to estimate the magnitude of theproblem. This process is crucial as it assists the advanced healthpractice nurses to determine the resources needed to tackle thedisease.

The has the authority to order for laboratory andradiological assessments on those who portrayed the symptoms of adisease during the integrated health analysis program (Sullivan-Marx,2010).This process should ascertain the presence of the illness. Theresults of the assessments are presented to the nurse who carefullyanalyzes them. After analysis, the advanced practice nurse candetermine if the disease is present and develop a decision on thebest approach to tackle the disease. The advanced practice nurseshould diagnose and manage the healthcare issues. The nurse shouldplan and manage the patients’ care and coordinate with other healthcare specialists for insight on health matters, diagnosis, andtreatments.

AdvancedPractice Nurse should educate the individuals, families, andsocieties on cases concerning health safety and disease prevention.The nurse is required to follow protocols while conducting advancedprocedures and observe ethical practices in health services. Eventhough advanced practice nurses are entitled to clinical leadership,consultation with the medical staff and professionals is essential toachieving quality, ethical and equitable health care (Sullivan-Marx,2010).The advanced practice nurses should be accountable and answerable fortheir decisions and actions.


AdvancedPractice Nurses need to observe a few professional competencies.Their research should be tailored towards improving the safety andefficiency of healthcare. Effective research is ensured through theprocess of monitoring quality and a continuous value assessmentprocess (Kazer&amp Neal-Boylan, 2012).The nurse should act as a patients’ advocate and applyevidence-based practices while managing the patients. The advancedpractice nurse should mentor and teach nurses on how to counsel thepatients’ care using the evidence-based rationale. The nurse shouldexplain the variations in outcomes and collaborate with theinterdisciplinary team to improve the health practice.


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