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Accordingto Anderson,Christensen &amp Horowitz (2012),energy is the blood of the economy. Many countries rely on importedenergy to satisfy their enormous demand and supply required by theconsumers. An energy pathway is the transfer process of energy fromthe production point to the consumption point. These channels rangefrom oil pipelines, electricity power lines, and the oil ship searoutes. Power Systems’ technology program deals in the conventionalenergy and renewable energy sectors. This field requires skill suchas knowledge on power production, management techniques, andapplication of energy in the industrial world. Energy pathwaysprogram instills technical and professional skills, industrial worktraining and offers employment skills and other job opportunities.

Aminterested in joining the Energy Pathway Program`s Process Technologyprogram because I am aware that energy is one thing that alleconomies consider as fundamental for the efficient operation ofactivities. Energy is used in running the industrial machines,lighting systems, communications process, preservation of theproduced goods and delivery of the products. Other non-industrialsectors, such as the healthcare rely on energy to enhance theprovision of proper services to the citizens. Energy pathwayProgram`s Process Technology program is a broad field, which dealswith modern methods of power generation, delivery, management and theway technology can increase the level of efficiency in the field(Anderson,Christensen &amp Horowitz, 2012).Myobjective of pursuing the program is to obtain the necessary skillsin the program and use my talents to raise the levels of efficiencyand knowledge to the field.

Myskills supplement my interest in the Energy Pathway Program`s ProcessTechnology program. I am familiar with the occupational safety andhealth act (1970), which assures security and healthy workplacesthrough implementing standards, training assistance, and education. Iunderstand the process of issuing standards of OSHA. Their methodsare lengthy and extensive and involve adequate public participation,enough time allowance for notices and useful platforms of giving andreceiving the public feedback(Tanabe &amp Tanabe, 2009).My learning skills enhance my ability to understand various conceptsquickly. I have an intrinsic drive to observe the required standardsand adequately execute all the commands that I receive. It is mydesire not to cause any technical problems because of not followingthe established regulations in the system.

Myinward motivation to work hard is driven by my desire to achieveefficiency in every sector where I work. It is my desire tofacilitate optimal functioning of all segments of the institution. Ialso like motivating my fellow students to work hard and deliverexemplary results. According to Tanabe&amp Tanabe (2012), theability to group task compliments hard work. With a properlymotivated team, it is possible to coordinate and tackle even largerproblems and provide adequate solutions. I approach matters in acritical way, and I enjoy learning new things. This ability not onlyhelps me to avoid being biased but it also facilitates criticalevaluation of various situation and issues. I have participated invarious energy workshops and activities where I familiarized withvarious hand and power tool. Therefore, using the tools related tothe Energy Pathway Program`s Process Technology program cannot be abig challenge for me. The various skills and interests that I possessgive me confidence in excelling in the field of Energy PathwayProgram`s Process Technology program.


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