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Addiction Profession Research

The skilled addiction workforce in America is estimated at more than76,000 professionals who include counselors, educators, and otherhealthcare professionals (What is an addiction professional, nd). Theretention of addiction treatment professionals has been an issue dueto low pay, high burnout rates and the stigma attached to drugdependence. Most therapists are reported to move to other occupationsafter several years of practice. The United States of Americacurrently demands experts such as licensed counselors, psychiatristsand house aides. The key demand emanates from the increase in thenumber of people addicted to heroin as well as prescriptionpainkillers (Shortage of addiction professionals, 2016).

The Department of Labor statistics observes that the number of jobsfor addiction professionals was estimated to rise by 22% from 94,000to 116,200 within a ten-year period from 2014 to 2024. The governmentis worried since the educational pipeline does not have the capacityto produce the number of the required workforce within the timelines(Knopf, 2014).

According to the Provider Availability Index (PAI) created by theAdvocates for Human Capital (AHP), the number of addiction personnelis 32.1. Therefore, there are 32 experts for drug addiction within apopulation of 1000 Americans in need of substance dependencetreatment. The lowest index was identified in Nevada-10.8, while thehighest was in Georgia-17.3, Texas-17.7, Florida -20.0, Hawaii-21.6,and Alabama-25.5 (Shortage of addiction professionals, 2016).

According to the experts, one of every four addiction professionalschooses to leave the occupation for another career in the same field.The scarcity began to develop in 2006, and the gap has beenincreasing since the Affordable Care Act has given people the meansto pay for such services. Studies on the deficiency revealed thatsimilarly trained and licensed therapists earned more and recommendedfor a rise in the income of addiction professionals as a strategy toattract more workforce (Addiction treatment field facing a shortageof practitioners, 2016).


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