A Trip to Tenerife In Spain

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ATrip to Tenerife In Spain

ATrip to Tenerife In Spain

Visitinga holiday destination begins with a flight ticket. It is the way toget to many places around the world and take a break from dailymonotonous schedule. With the ticket in my hand, I would fly toTenerife, in Canary Islands, Spain. The vast island has a stunninglandscape that can keep me busy for days. Moreover, one can enjoy anaffordable place to stay and have fun to the maximum even with atight budget.

OnceI arrive there, the first stop would be at TheTeide National Park.I look forward to boarding the cable car that takes tourists 3,937feet high. The most elevated position in Spain is Mount Teide. Theride gives them a panoramic view of the Canarian archipelago. Anotherchoice destination includes the Thai-themed water playground at SiamPark. This is a big and modern attraction where one can enjoy powerslide of about 90 feet vertical like fall.

Atrip without a visit to the beach is incomplete. El Duque would bethe place to stopover next. The beach is located in Costa Adeje. Itis a breathtaking location and entirely excluded because of the rockthat lies between it and the rest of the resort.

Onthe same note, the submarine safari in Tenerife is unique andsomething out of this world. The site offers an enjoyable explorationdeep in the waters without worrying about getting wet. The submarinesare conditioned with regular pressure and can safely dive and get tothe seabed. In fact, the underwater tour is one of the things I wouldnot want to miss on the Island. It is located in San Miguel Marina,which is near Golf del Sur. To crown it, every passenger gets a divecertificate to prove that he or she experienced the submarine safari.

Inconclusion, the greatest treasure to take home after a good stay inTenerife would be the memories. The ticket would come handy to get meback home. Having relaxed and enjoyed fun away from home, I would befull of energy and ready to begin my daily routine once again.

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