10 Million Lotto Win

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10Million Lotto Win

Imaginea father living in condo skilled nursing home with three of hisdaughters. Unfortunately, this man has stage 4 cancer in remission.Moreover, her daughter aged 7 has a liver disorder while the youngestone aged 3 is very hyperactive and autistic. His first born daughteris going to college this fall. By and large, this is a family thatbelieves in healthy nutrition and daily exercise as key ingredientsfor living healthy and staying happy together in wealth and comfort.This may seem like an illusion to this poor man’s household, but a10 million lotto win can instantaneously change his family’slifestyle (Bondy, 2013). Bearing in mind that the 10 million win willfinancially empower this penniless household, they can first of allmove out of the nursing home and get a private residence (Woodly,2015). Once they acquire a place they can call home, the man and hisdaughters can then focus on other significant family concerns.

Thefamily’s second impediment is their health. With the lotto win, thefamily can look for better alternatives to meet their health careneeds (Barnes, 2014). The father can attend high-end cancer treatmentcenters where he will stand better odds of receiving value-addedmedication. Also, his ailing daughters can use the money to obtainbetter treatment (Chen, Liu, and Tu, n.d.). Not forgetting that thisman has a daughter about to join college, he can use the 10 millionlotto win to pay for her tutoring fees. And this does not stop withher first born. The father can also save a portion of the lotto winfor the sake of educating two of his younger daughters (Cao, 2015).To fast-track recovery from their ailments, the family can eathealthy foods and perform daily exercises. Who thought that a 10million lotto win cannot change the lifestyle of a family? Well, itcertainly will change the life of this man and so will it if eitherone of us wins 10 million dollars.


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